Love thriller stories? Well, then you would love this story too. It is about a ship that disappears for decades and one day appears out of blue carrying some big mysteries that upheavals the world. Asian waters are widely known for its mysterious nature. But did you know many of these fictional movies draw their inspiration from reality? Well, here is a real ship that beats all the ships seen in movies in terms of mystery. It is about a “ghost ship” that will make you wonder about all the mystical secrets that have been hanging in balance for centuries. This story will force you to ask yourself if all of them are true!

Shore And Goods

The morning of August 27, 2018, was different from other days. However, the weather was the same as usual in Myanmar, the sun was blazing high and the sky was blue and clean, birds were chirping like every other day. The fishermen were heading towards the sea to catch fishes for their livelihood. Everything was just the way it should be until an odd sight caught people’s attention.