Love thriller stories? Well, then you would love this story too. It is about a ship that disappears for decades and one day appears out of blue carrying some big mysteries that upheavals the world. Asian waters are widely known for its mysterious nature. But did you know many of these fictional movies draw their inspiration from reality? Well, here is a real ship that beats all the ships seen in movies in terms of mystery. It is about a “ghost ship” that will make you wonder about all the mystical secrets that have been hanging in balance for centuries. This story will force you to ask yourself if all of them are true!

Shore And Goods

The morning of August 27, 2018, was different from other days. However, the weather was the same as usual in Myanmar, the sun was blazing high and the sky was blue and clean, birds were chirping like every other day. The fishermen were heading towards the sea to catch fishes for their livelihood. Everything was just the way it should be until an odd sight caught people’s attention. 


Myanmar is a beautiful country located on the continent, Asia. The nation, also known as Burma is surrounded by different countries, the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman sea. Fishing is one of the prime occupations in Myanmar as a large population of the country is involved in it, thanks to its proximity to water bodies. 

Nothing New

If you have ever been to beaches you may have seen many objects that get washed up on the shore that includes cans, clothes, shoes, toys, and many other things. Usually, most of them are nothing more than trashes that we do not bother to give second look to. However, sometimes this very trash happens to be hiding mysterious things that have been sought after by the human race for ages.   

Coming Closer

The incident took place in the country’s Yangon region, Thongwa township, to be precise. The fishermen who were preparing to head off to the sea, saw an object floating towards them. The thing that initially appeared to be small began to turn bigger as it approached them. Seeing a ship pass by was not a big thing for these fishermen but this one had something different about it. 


Asian waters are famous for hiding several secrets, some of them are still a mystery to the world. Many treasures have been found buried under the sea. Not only that, the giant waterbodies have several cities tucked inside it. Some of them have come out and some are waiting to be discovered. Here a big mystery was approaching the world on its own. 

A Ship

It was a cargo ship! The giant ship was moving uncontrollably. It seemed there was no one inside it. However, the ship was moving in the direction of the shore as if someone was steering the vessel towards it. Moreover, the ship looked nothing like an ordinary ship. It looked different. Hence, the fishermen informed coastguards about it.