Rescuing animals is highly encouraged by the community of animal lovers. It is recommended to adopt a pet from animal shelters. They do such a great job of helping strays. They provide care for animals who need protection and also find a home for them. The experience of opening your home for a stray and showering them with love is the best feeling. They become a part of your family as you get to know and love all their quirks and characteristics.

Nicole Bohm, a German woman, experienced this joy when she rescued two kittens from a farm. She took them in, nursed them back to health and provided them with tremendous love. Life was going well until things took an unexpected turn, one of the kittens started showing some changes. Nicole did not see coming what happened next.

Animal Lover

Nicole Bohm had been an animal lover ever since she was a little girl. Growing up in a strict family, Nicole was not allowed to keep pets at home. No matter how much she pleaded and begged, Nicole’s mother would not budge. So she would often sneak out to her uncle’s farm to feed the horses and help him with everyday chores at the farm. This was her favorite thing to do after school. 

Still The Same

As an adult, Nicole still loved to visit her uncle at the farm. During the weekends she would always manage to find the time and spend the day helping him around. Her uncle was not as fit as he used to be.He spent his weekends hunched over his armchair leaving Nicole to take care of the farm.

The Farm

It was a Sunday morning, Nicole was standing outside the barn gate. The mud lay in uneven patches, scattered over the sloped farmyard. The old hay barn had stables at the front with those old half doors to allow the horses to view the yard. To the right was the pigpen where the pigs lived in bliss ignorant of the world surrounding them. 

Favorite Place

Behind the farm, the stone mountains stood up against the sky. The smell of manure hung thickly in the air over a more subtle scent of the trees and freshly watered grass. This was Nicole’s favorite place in the entire world. Whenever she felt the need to get away from the busy city life she would come down here to forget about it all.

Discovering The Pair

Nicole was ready to close the barn gate when she heard a tiny cry from the corner of the barn. She began walking towards the sound. Her eyes spotted a pair of kittens cuddled together. They were black with a few white spots on their bodies. Nicole was confused about how they ended up here on the farm, they did not have any cats. 


The kittens did not seem older than three-four months. They were in a desolate state. Nicole noticed they had mites and yeast infections in their ears. Their furs were thin and dull, unwashed and bare at a few spots. She realized they had been abandoned by someone. It hurt her to see them suffer so she picked them up and brought them inside her uncle’s cottage.