What Lies Beneath

6It took some serious effort on the part of John in order to remove the extremely heavy metallic lid. Hours of toiling in the sun proved fruitful for him as he was now able to get a good look at what the lid had been hiding for years deep in his backyard. So what did he found out finally?

Lifting The Lid

7Once the lid was lifted, John’s keen eyes began looking everywhere in order to determine what was inside. He was left perplexed on watching the complex assortment of objects before him. What you see in the image is the exact view he had. Well, John was not able to decide whether these were stairs or blades for some purpose. The only way to find out for John was by going inside it!

I’m Going In

5But, one thing that was acting as an obstacle in his way inside was the cover of dirt on the opening. So, he hopped onto the task of clearing it in order to remove the door completely and try to crawl into the opening and find out what it was exactly. The fact that he was unaware of this thing buried in his own garden left him amazed and excited. Not to mention that he was also taking a huge risk of entering a place of which he had no idea about.

Pandora’s Box

9He managed to make a way for himself inside by removing the dirt in no time. After keeping the first step inside he realized that it was actually a staircase and not blades of some sort. Slowly and attentively he stepped down. He had no idea of what he was going to witness at the end of the staircase knowing that he would find it out at any cost.

 Tunnel Of Terror

11He had found the blueprints of the area, but they were not accurate enough to give John an idea of the tunnel and staircase. After going inside and taking a look around, he realized that the structure had been built and abandoned years ago. There was an air of discomfort and spookiness which he was able to feel after taking the very first step. The sight he witnessed next only added to the eerieness of the place.

Was It A Shelter?

12Once he stepped inside he found out something which looked like an electric fan and a hand-crank fan. These things proved that somebody had built it for staying down here with ventilated air for a considerable period of time. It was meticulously planned by the person who made it. Till now John had gone crazy finding a bomb shelter under his own garden. He could not help himself but explore the place which was going to surprise him with more unexpected sights.