Rest Time

The two got tired soon after hiking a few miles. So, they decided to do some rest and have their lunch. The two were talking when a strange object caught their attention. The thing was lying in some distance. For some strange reason, the friends felt an immediate attraction to it.

Pull Of Attraction

Things that are unknown to us either scares us or makes us curious. This is true they were curious about the object but at the same time, they were scared of it too. They had never seen something like this ever in their lives. Nor did they know, if the thing was harmless or not. Nevertheless, they kept on approaching the thing.

Different One

They moved towards the thing with lots of doubts and hopes. On getting a little closer, they realized that it was a flower with big white petals. It looked very beautiful and it was complementing the surrounding. They had never seen a flower so beautiful for the first time.

Beauty With Danger?

There are many poisonous flowers in the world. They feared it could be the one. However, they continued moving ahead to know what exactly is that. This was the first time they had seen it let alone hearing about this flower. So, was it safe to touch it? 

A Wise Decision?

They did not know! It took them a while to finally come to a conclusion. They decided to pick it up. But who was going to do that? They looked at each other quizzically. But before that, they decided to take the picture of this enigmatic flower. However, they soon were going to realize that what they were thinking of as a harmless flower was actually something else.

Help From Net

Though both of them wanted to know more about this flower, they decided to check in the net if there was some information available on it. Unfortunately, there was no information available. Were they seeing a dream?