The object remained hidden beneath the inaccessible swamp of Papua New Guinea for decades. It managed to stay obscure for a few years until a bunch of troops noticed it. They even tried to get to the bottom of it but unfortunately failed. However, a few decades later, two friends decided to resolve this long-lingering mystery. They went to the swamp which was not only impenetrable but difficult to navigate too owing to its malaria-carrying mosquitoes and alligators. It seemed that nature had put them on work of guarding the relic. Will they be able to conquer all these obstacles or they would have to give up in the end just like those troops?

An Unusual Sight

It all started in the year 1972 when the Royal Australian Air Force undertook a routine flight all across a remote area of Papua New Guinea that was a constitution of Australian Commonwealth back then. There was nothing very special about the day. Everything seemed to be at their place. However, not everything that looks normal turn out to be normal.

Swamp Ghost