Forests Of Mysteries

Forests are known for not only sheltering trees and animals but some head-spinning mysteries too. We hear unbelievable stories of mysteries unraveled in woods now and then. We all have heard of the stories concerning some strange beings living inside woods. But are they all true? Whereas some of them are just the rumors, some are true too.     

Going Ahead

Nature has its own way of surprising us. The best part is that it brings us surprises when we expect it the least. Some of them seem to be too good to be true and then there are some that shake you to your core. Whereas everything else seemed to be in rest, this bunch of youngsters marched ahead not knowing what fate had planned for them. 

Still Good

The mild morning turned into bright noon. The men were enjoying their trip so far. Even though the outside world was perspiring because of the sun, the forest seemed to be immune by it, thanks to its big and thick trees. The boys had come a long way and now it was time to have their lunch. All of them were hungry.

Lunch Time

The boys found themselves a relatively clean place to feast on their lunch. It was quite a feat for them to find a neat place amid the woods. They all opened their lunch and discussed their experience so far. Everybody was enjoying it. However, all of them expressed their astonishment over finding no living being around.  

Let’s Rest

The hiking had begun to take a toll on them. They all were feeling very tired and decided to do some rest before carrying the journey ahead. It was then, the man with metal detector suggested detecting their surrounding with his device. However, his idea did not interest any of them. Clearly, they all were too tired to do it.


Despite his friends’ disapproval, he decided to do the detection on his own. He took his instrument and started dragging it from here to there. His other friends knew that his efforts were going to be in vain as finding anything of value amid this isolated jungle was impossible.