What are the chances of finding something of value while casually inspecting the vast forest with a metal detector? The chances are very rare, right! But here a bunch of friends decided to go on hiking in a jungle to spend some time in peace when they accidentally discover something that made the ground sweep off their feet. Their trip that was full of turns and twists ends at an unbelievable point. The guys had stumbled upon an unbelievable relic of World War II. Here is what they found hiding under the ground for decades.


It all began when a group of friends chose a forest to be their trip destination. Though the friends had gone to many fancy cities and beautiful towns, this was the first time when they were going to explore a jungle. This trip was special for all of them. And so they wanted to make most of it. 

A Day To Remember

Everything was pre-planned they set off their home at the first light of the day and drove off to the forest. It took them an hour to reach the destination. The men had everything with them including food, water bottles, first aid box, and metal detector. Well, yes, one of the friends had brought a metal detector with himself. The guy loved discovering new things with his metal detector. However, he had not made any valuable discovery. 

Metal Detector

The metal detector is an electronic device that helps an individual in detecting metal buried beneath the ground. It is very much in trend nowadays in the world of treasure hunting. Many great discoveries have been made by the metal detecting instruments and many more are yet to be made. It’s fun, exciting and if you are lucky enough then beneficial too.


Nobody liked the idea of him bringing the metal detector to the forest. The doubt that it was only going to slow their journey. They were confident that the treasure hunting in this vast jungle would only waste their time. There was no way they were going to find something of value in this vast jungle. It was going to be a classic case of shooting in dark.  

Another World

The day had just begun and all the friends stepped into the jungle with all the necessary stuff by their side. They realized that the forest had flourished a lot in the shadow of ignorance from the human race. The trees were lofty and dense. Even though the sight was clear, they all felt some strange vibes coming from the dark place. An eerie silence had engulfed the forest. Not even a bird was chirping around. 

It’s Weird

As the friends had been looking forward to this trip for many days, they chose to ignore all the weird thoughts they were getting. The forest appeared cold to them as there was no trace of life out there when they set their foot in. However, they continued moving forward with the hope of having one of the best trips of their lives. Don’t know about the best but this trip was going to be different….very different. Different enough to turn their lives upside down.