Online shopping is very much in trend these days. It is convenient too as taking a day off from work to do shopping is sometimes hard. Mark Rober used to do buy stuff online. However, one day he was completely taken aback when he found his item missing from his porch. the message showed that the item was delivered yet there was nothing out there. He grew suspicious and decided to check CCTV. It was then he learned that someone had stolen his package. Well, it really infuriated him as there was something very important inside the package.

He called the police only to get no help from them. However, The man was not going to give up.  He came up with a spectacular plan to teach the thief a lesson that he would never forget his entire life.

The Beginning

Mark Rober is an engineer by profession and has previously worked for NASA. The man collaborated with the space organization for nine years and even contributed to the manufacturing of a technology that was used on the rover sent to Mars. Clearly, the thief messed up with the wrong man. No need to say that the man was capable of not only find the thief but also teaching him a good lesson. And that is what the man did. 

Amazon Package Goes Missing

This all started one day when Marks saw his much-awaited Amazon package missing from the door. Someone had stolen his package. Unsurprisingly, the man got very furious as it was an expensive item. He had been waiting for the package for a long while and now it was gone. How could a package disappear in thin air?  

Nothing Around The House

He looked around the house but there was nothing. The delivery had been made. He rechecked the confirmation mail. Lastly, he resorted to the CCTV footage where he saw something gross. The footage enraged him. What did he see?

The Home

Mark lives with his family in the house. They have been residing in the house for quite some time now. But the case of stealing had happened for the first time with him. He knew once started this was not going to stop until he takes a strict action.

Ran Away

He saw an unknown man picking up his package from his doorstep and running away. He was stunned. Everything was captured on the CCTV. Who could do this? The package was an important one. He had to get it back at any cost. So, he thought of taking help from the police. 

Help From Police

He called the cops and told them everything about it. He was hoping for action but what actually happened was not what he had expected. What happened next really broke his heart but at the same time made him embark on a journey that was full of twists and turns.