Have you ever taken revenge on anyone? First of all, we are not talking about breaking someone’s leg or doing something that the society doesn’t approve of like punching someone in the face or those silly 5th-grade pranks. Then? An act of pro revenge where you played the game by using the rules in your favor. Sounds intriguing or rather interesting? This is just the beginning of the story in which a construction worker takes revenge on a woman who acted as a hurdle between him and his job at the construction site. You’ll be amazed to know that how much trouble this crazy woman caused and how the foreman and his team managed to get rid of her in the best way possible.

A Long Day

A Long DayIt was going to be a long day for him, while his job of moving the construction material was already an arduous task and now there was this woman who felt entitled and parked her car right in front of the entry gate. Moreover, she refused to move her car when she was asked to do so. For a moment, he thought of calling the cops but he couldn’t afford to waste another minute of his time at work. But things weren’t looking any great and the woman was making his life harder with each passing minute. The man thought of a brilliant idea that would teach this woman a lesson and she would regret being stubborn and rude.

A Tough Job

A Tough JobThe guy didn’t even ask for the trouble as he was simply hired as a foreman at a new construction site and he was only doing his job. He was used to his job, however, this project was a little different from the ones he had been assigned in the past. They were working on a house which was situated on the very top of a hill and the only possible way to get up there was by taking a 250-ft climb.


Moving the construction material up and down the hill wasn’t a walk in the park and things were more complicated at this construction site in comparison to any other ordinary place. The conditions only increased their workload as the workers had to carry the material with them every single time. While their schedule was already hectic and the last thing they wanted was to end up in an unwanted situation. However, not everything was as bad as there was something that eased up their situation.

Park Somewhere Else

Park Somewhere ElseAt the very bottom of the hill, the construction workers were designated with two parking spots. They had installed two “No Parking” signs as well, to assure that no one else parked their vehicle there. But not everyone followed the simple instruction. There were times when both the parking spots were taken by cars but it wasn’t a real matter of concern for the construction workers until one day…

School Trouble

Where did these cars come from? It turns out that there was an elementary school which was situated at a distance of half a block from the hill’s bottom. As it transpired, a lot of parents who visited the school to pick up their kids would park their cars there. The foreman didn’t mind the sight of parked cars at all until one day when things turned ugly real fast.

As Long As No One’s Using It

As Long As No One's Using ItThe foreman wasn’t bothered by the parents parking their cars in their spot as long as there wasn’t a delivery scheduled. Whenever the truck needed to be parked and the spots weren’t free, the foreman would simply ask the car owner to move it and the people were decent enough to follow, well most of them did. The world is full of troublemakers and unfortunately for the construction workers, they would soon cross paths with a lady who would bring a lot of trouble with her.