What can be the most surprising thing that a fisherman can come across in the water?

A big catch! The story is not always the same. While you must have heard stories of fishermen catching a big deal in the ocean, we have something that will leave you stunned. It was in China where this group of anglers came across a rare mysterious creature that will make you google after we reveal the surprise. But don’t go there right away, read through as we’ve got it all covered.


Zhoushan is a city that lies in the northeastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. The city which nowadays is known for being one of the busiest ports in the world was started as a small village. The rivers of this city have always been known to attract fishermen for almost thousands of years, to carry out their business.

Source Of Livelihood

No matter how old-fashioned you may think fishing is to be a source of living, the citizens of this city would not agree with your thoughts. For them, fishing is not only a recreational activity but a source of living and a tradition too. And if you think that I might be overexaggerating the facts then all you have to do is look at the above-given picture.

A Major Concern

Overfishing is one of the most serious concerns in today’s world. Overfishing has resulted in many of the species getting underpopulated or even extinct. Even in the times when overfishing is so big a problem, this bay has never disappointed the people depending on it for a living. The bay has provided people with different kinds of fishes for a living.

Largest Fishing Ground

The bay never falls short of providing different types of fishes. The salty waters are usually full of various sorts of delicacies. This has made Zhoushan the largest fishing ground in China and one of the largest fisheries in China.

Zhoushan Fisherman

The main thing about an experienced fisherman is that there are only a few things that can surprise or even shock that guy. The fishermen on a usual day come across so many varieties of fishes and sea creatures that it becomes a daily job for him of encountering a sea creature that might seem dangerous to you and me.

Known Sea Creatures

Fishermen are usually known for knowing each and every category of sea creatures that reside in those waters because once you’ve seen them there is a very low probability that you’re going to forget it. But the reality is something entirely different, there remain some creatures that are lurking in the depth of water that they are unaware of.