Antique Roadshow is a prominent show known for putting the world-class antiques on display. The show that kickstarted in the latter half of the 1970s continues to amaze people with its classy findings. People come from all over the country to auction their antique here. One of them was a lady who appeared in the show, 2002, with an antique. It was supposed to be a normal episode but when the lady appeared with a piece of art that had been in her house for ages, the veteran antique specialist Lark E. Mason could not hold his tears back.

The lady could not understand why did he get so excited that he began crying? Was her piece of antique going to bring a new storm lurking in history? And also do not forget to check the worth of the piece that will stun you for a while.

Absolutely Speechless

Mason was associated with the show from a very long time. Though he had a penchant for antique, it had been days since he saw any impressive relic on the show. That day too, he was not expecting anything super exciting but a bunch of antiques whose memories would fade away with the end of the show. He went to his work not knowing he was going to stumble upon a nerve-wrecking truth!

Showing Off

statue 25The show began with people from different corners, near and remote, showing off their antique pieces. Usually, Mason used to ask them a bit about their antiques and would move to another piece of art. Similarly, on that day too he was interacting with all the antique owner present there when his eyes captured something that made him shiver, literally!

Simply Unbelievable

It was unbelievable! He had to double take on that to sink in that it was actually there, right before him. Without wasting a further second, he paced towards the lady who had brought that, with his eyes wide open. He took a closer look at the piece and could not believe his faith yet again. 

Seeking Answers

It was a lion statue! You must be wondering what could be so special about this statue that made Mason all surprised! Well, the answer to this question is equally breathtaking as the statue is. Mason enquired the owner if she knew anything about the statue. He asked her, how she got it? To which the lady replied, “My grandparents picked it up. They traveled a lot in China.” 


statue 102It was clear to Mason, from her answer that the lady did not know much about the statue. He enquired her further asking “When were they in China?” The lady replied, “probably in the early part of the century.” All she knew was that her parents got it in the early 20th century when it fell into her grandfather’s hand. while traveling and after them, it was her who inherited it.

How Long?

statue 106So, the enigmatic statue was there in the family for three generations. Mason inquired, “Where have you had this since then?” “My mother’s had it in her house, and since then, I inherited it and brought it west.” the owner responded. Mason was amazed that almost a century passed by and nobody could find out the importance this article held in the world of history. So was today the day the statue was going to have the value that it deserved?