We all agree on the fact that war does no good neither to the winning party nor to the losing one. War brings only destruction to the country and that is why in today’s time the wars are avoided as much as they can. But do you have any idea how a soldier feels about war and the kind of life they undergo while being part of the war? If no then read this story. This story is about a female veteran Army officer who faces the worst time of her life when she gets involved in a war. Wait! that was not the worst the worst part was yet to come that she faced in her own soil. Nothing could be more painful for an Army officer than people’s ignorance and criticism despite their selfless duty. But why the public would disrespect a war hero in the first place? Well, this war hero who won many accolades, faced the trauma of being reprimanded by the people when she was there on the battleground having her life at the stake. Why would a war hero be condemned by the people? Well, you just won’t believe who the real villain of her life was. Read on and find out the shocking truth of this soldier’s life.

Who Is She?


The military is not an easy profession. Especially when you are a girl and hence burdened with lots of judgments and stigmas. However, this story is not about that, this story particularly revolves around a woman who chose the military as her profession and went through an exceptional incident that took the world by storm. Her inspiring story not only deals with the world of the military but also a black world that feeds on human’s emotions by fooling them. Usually, the soldiers decide to be a soldier at a very young age but this girl had not thought of becoming a soldier until she completed her high school. Something happened and she had to change her future plans that were soon going to change her life.