What started off as an endeavor to cherish memories turned into the talk of the town. Tian Ju and Tian Li, the native of China has been taking the same photo for last three decades. It stated when Li was born in 1986 and continued till something amazing appeared in their usually similar picture. The surprise in the last photo of the series really tugs at the heartstring. Check out the slides to know about that astonishing thing.


This picture of 1986 is the first in the slew of amazing photographs taken of father-son duo. Li was a newborn baby when the photo was taken. His 27-year-old father posed carrying him in his arm.


If you go through the entire series you would notice the similarity of background in each picture. It is because they chose the same wall of their apartment as their background for every photograph. The apartment is located in the Guizhou province of South Eastern China where they resided for 20 years.


On every birthday of Li, the son and father have their picture clicked in the same pose. It has become more of a ritual now.


The birthday of Li falls in the summer. Due to the scorching heat, the pair posed bare-chested for the picture. That became a tradition.


The four-year-old Li looks very cute in this picture. Seems that he also liked being photographed with his father. But what we have no idea about is the sign that he is making with his hand.


Tian Li is grinning ear to ear in the company of his father. The five-year-old boy looks highly comfortable in the arms of his father. Who knew this idea of Jun would change their lives?