You never know what parents will return to after traveling or going away from home. Even if they leave kids at home for a day, sometimes, a day is all that it takes for kids to ruin the whole interiors of a house. You can never be so sure if they would not throw a “the parents are gone” party. There is always a surprise waiting at home for parents when they are away from home…

Down To Business

We all know that raising teenagers is one of the hardest tasks that a parent could ever be faced with. Sometimes, all a parent needs is a long vacation away from home with the hopes that their kids behave while they are away. Since raising kids is one of the most draining challenges, parents often feel the desire to be free from responsibilities. The Schoonovers were in for the surprise of their lives…

Vacationer’s Dream

The Schoonover family reside in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that is actually quite the vacation spot. However, Karen and Chip still wanted to have a get-away once in a while. They felt like their 4 daughters were grown enough to be dutiful so they decided to go on a week-long trip one December. Little did they know that this was going to lead them to an unexpected surprise…

The Four Hs

The Schoonover family’s parents Karen and Chip would give each of their kids a name that starts with the alphabet “H.” Heather was the eldest daughter and had already gotten married long before the surprising incident took place. Her little sisters, Hollie, Halice, and Haley always like to include their eldest in everything that they did. So what was going to happen during their parents’ vacation?

The Shining Light

Hollie was always a had good quality as a leader. As the second oldest, she was often in charge of her younger sisters. Since it was the month of December, the girls obviously had plans and they were not sure if they could pull it off without their parents’ knowledge. Hollie requested her youngest sister Haley to set up a camera for all that they did, so they could look back at the documentation.

A Star In The Making

So what was Hollie’s big plan? Well even though she never had any such interest in interior designing, she has always had a knack for it. Hollie’s actual dream was to become a famous actress and singer. Entertainment is a tough business so she was in the meantime catering her friends and family as a makeup artist. It’s a career that she hopes to work out in the long run.

Snapshots Of Time

Hollie enjoyed being in front of the camera, while youngest sister Haley loved to operate it. The two sisters would help each other in their respective arts, as Hollie help out with her sisters’ makeup, and Haley lens the final product. In terms of the Christmas gift that the sister’s planned for their lovely parents, both Hollie and Haley’s creativity was certainly going to make it easier to achieve.