Taking A Study Break

Even though her other sisters chose an unconventional career path, Halice was okay following her eldest sister’s path and enrolled in a university. Halice was not far from home as she got accepted into Coastal Carolina University. This was not a first for the family because Heather charted the same path a few years before. She attained her Bachelor’s degree, she wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Back To Her Roots

The three younger sisters might be a little more involved in the Christmas gift as they all still live in North Myrtle Beach, but the eldest has moved away. She still stays in South Carolina but has moved with her hubby elsewhere. She has a job in marketing for a real estate company. But Heather found it important that she returned home and helped with this big surprise for their parents.

Making Big Moves

The Schoonover has been an important component of the North Myrtle Beach community. This was not the case in the past. All the sisters were born in Seminole, Florida where most of their childhood was spent. After their relocation, each member of the family loved North Myrtle Beach so much and was convinced that it was where they belong. The loved their home and their neighborhood too…

Racking Up The Views

It was the Schoonover sisters’ plan also took over the internet as their documentation began circulating all over. Users began to take notice of their YouTube video and were on board and excited to see the look on their parents’ faces when they returned home from their trip. The viewers were growing by the hour and it made the impact of their plan even greater.

Starting From The Bottom

The girls were planning on giving a home makeover while their parents were away. To most, this would equal to cleaning and arranging the house but they wanted to take a step further. They did not expect it to be too draining or exhausting. Since none of the sisters had ever done any home renovation before, this was going to be a challenging Christmas surprise.

Out With The Old

The girls wish to give their parents’ home an impressive makeover without any of their knowledge. Cleaning things were only the beginning. When they finally started, they immediately saw that there was a ton of stuff that needed to be removed. Their initial plan was to take a few hours to clean up the mess in the house, but this alone took up a major part of their day…