It is a daily routine for the farmers to check the progress of the crops that they hope to reap as soon as possible apart from the other tasks of tending to their land. Similar was the case with a farmer who is being talked about in this article. Well, primarily it is not him but the extraordinary sight that he witnessed while passing through a stream in his farm. The thing that he saw became a reason for unsettling everyone who stayed in the small town where the farm was located. Not to mention that the discovery also garnered the attention of the experts and the media from across the globe completely changing the life of a normal farmer. Read on to find out what had happened…

A Christmas Surprise

Argentina farm discovery Jose Antonio Nievas, a farmer by profession decided to go for a stroll on his field to feel the joy in the air of a Christmas day in the year 2015. But, what was meant to be a casual walk soon turned into something extremely dramatic. The event which took place not long after the farmer had started walking his farm was so strange that it caught the attention of all the people residing in that small town. Well, we all know that the common sightings in a farm cannot go far beyond plants and animals, but, in the case of Nievas, this was not true. What he came across with was a surprise for him too as he had never encountered such a thing in his entire life. But, what was it?

Finding A Foreign Object

mysterious discovery 2 ton mysteryThe farm that became a common feature of the front page of most of the newspapers and magazines was located in Carlos Spegazzini. It is a city located 25 miles (40 km) south of Buenos Aires. As already told before, Jose was taking a normal walk when his eyes caught something extremely striking as he passed a stream that inside the boundaries of his property. He was instantly taken aback by the sight of an extremely creepy round shaped object which looked like a large stone to him on the very first sight. But, he was forced to rethink his judgment on what the object was, once he started to get a closer look at it while walking towards it.

Not What it Seemed

Argentina farmer's mysterious discovery On reaching really close to it, Nievas got convinced that it was something other than a round stone. In fact, it was something completely opposite to what he had been thinking. Since the object was covered with mud completely, Nievas was not able to reach a conclusion whether to go close to the object or not. Being a brave man, he decided to move towards it and find out about it. It was not long after that the farmer started to clear the mud from the round surface of the object and while doing it a range of ideas on what he could witness popped up in his mind. He discarded the previously held thought of it being around stone after witnessing the object to be covered with eerie textured scales along with strange green hues scattered in some areas of it. To be honest, there was no chance that the farmer from Argentina would have guessed the real identity of the round object. Yes, the object was something far beyond his imagination!!

Calling For Assistance

Argentina farmer's discoveryNieves’ attempt at trying to dig out the mysterious object out of the mud in order to inspect it ended up in vain. The reason is that the object was extremely heavy and would not get dislodged from the river bank very easily. So, a curious Nieves called his wife and told her to come to the place where he had made the unbelievable sighting. His wife, Reina Coronel initially thought that her husband was making a fool of her by falsely claiming to see something extraordinary, but, after taking a look on the object herself after reaching the stream she got convinced that Nieves was telling the truth. So, what happened next?

A Giant Dinosaur Egg?

farmer's mysterious discovery “My husband went out to the car and when he came back he said, ‘Hey, I just found an egg that looks like it came from a dinosaur,” she stated. “We all laughed because we thought it was a joke.” Who knew that the words that Nieves uttered were strangely going to be true and were certainly not a joke. The image you see is the exact view that Reina had once she accompanied her husband but like her don’t confuse it for a giant egg which looks similar to something used as a prop in the movie Jurassic Park. The couple was totally confused as they were not able to find out the real truth behind it. But, it was not long that they all their doubts were going to vanish completely.

Bigger Than The Two Of Them

Argentina Jose Antonio Nievas farmers discovery Nieves started to work on the task for which he had originally called his family which was of dislodging the object from the mud and out of the cavity that you can clearly see in the image without harming it even the slightest bit. Unfortunately, Nieves failed in his attempt this time along with his family because the actual size of the object was much bigger than they had expected not to forget its enormous weight. So, the next step the couple took was to call the police for help with the hope that they could remove it from the muddy water and reveal its true identity. But, what happened after the arrival of the police was something that the family had not expected in their wildest dreams!