Big Discovery In A Small Town

Argentina farmer discoveryThe news of the sighting of an out worldly object had spread like wildfire across the town which led to a large number of people crowding around the stream in order to get a look on the “round- object” and take its picture. This all happened even before the police reached there. A series of suggestions and claims regarding the identity of the object came through the mouths of the people standing there and the policemen after they reached there. Unluckily, nothing was proving to be satisfactory and reaching a definite conclusion. The police were also left puzzled and a little baffled on the inability of Jose and his family to give any response to the questions being asked by them centered around the finding. Interestingly, Jose’s dog started behaving abnormally once it made it way close to the round object. Was it really something magical or from some other planet?

A Clue From A Canine?

Farmer's discovery ArgentinaWhile the police were asking questions about Jose’s family the dog went through unnoticed towards the big object lying on the riverbed. Once the dog started sniffing the stone after reaching close he barked incessantly. This event raised doubts in the minds of each and everyone standing there and made them believe that it was something other than a normal stone. People had their ingenious versions of describing the mystery of the scales present on it. Sadly, all the explanations were illogical and didn’t help the authorities in any way. Till that time the police had made up their mind that some serious steps were the need of the hour if the mystery was to be solved.

Turning To The Experts

Argentina giant shellSubsequently, they decided to seek the help of experts who dealt with strange sightings such as this one. So, they called 2 local archaeologists and hoped that they would come up with something that would put an end to this mystery. Just after the very first sight of the object, the archaeologists felt like being on top of the world getting a chance to study it, which was evident by the expressions on their face. Though their joy and excitement did not enable them to come with the required answer that the police were waiting for, they told that it was a relic belonging to the ancient times. They stated that more tests needed to be conducted in order to get a complete idea of it. After they removed it and took it to the lab, the results which came out even left them totally shocked.

A Huge Challenge

Archaeologists Argentina giant shellWell, the period between first laying eyes on it and taking the object to the lab was a very difficult one for the experts. The primary reason of this was the gigantic size of the object which the experts came to witness after digging it out of the riverbed. Apart from being huge in size, it was equally heavy too with a weight of around two tons. The material of the object was very hard. It required some ardent and careful effort from them in order to dig around the precious artifact. Finally, after hours of toiling in the sun and mud, the experts were able to take it out where they further transported it to the lab for additional research which revealed an unimaginable truth!

Lab Results

Farmer's shocking discoveryWhile the artifact was in the lab, it went through series of examinations along with its sample being carefully looked at under a microscope. These test helped the scientists to witness the details that a naked eye was unable to and apparently it helped them the excitement of which they carried on their faces. The results clearly proved that the object that Jose had discovered in his farm was neither a giant egg nor a thing from outer space. It was something much more than that and was evidently capable of shocking the scientists as well as the rest of the world.

The Unexpected Answer

Argentina farmer fossil discovery What originally seemed to be an unsolvable mystery now had some answers. As the scientist stated that the strange 2-ton discovery was actually an ancient fossil of a prehistoric beast which luckily managed to be efficiently preserved naturally. They even claimed confidently that the giant fossil which can easily be dated back to 10,000 years acted belonged to a prehistoric creature which was extinct long ago named glyptodon. The fossil is believed to act as the armor like a turtle’s shell for the creature. But, still, there were some more doubts remaining that of the reason for it ending up in Jose Antonio Nievas’ farm in Argentina!