The Other Half

Jrue was born in L.A, a suburb of  Chatsworth, California and had first met her in the high school in Studio City, CA. Just like her, he was also the nation’s best high-school player. After having a stellar season with the UCLA Bruins, he scored an NBA draft spot. But it seemed like he was giving full competition to his other half and wasn’t in a mood to stop any sooner.


After a record-breaking performance in 2009, Jrue was considered by the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2013. he became the youngest player to be chosen as an All-Star after performing excellently well. If that wasn’t enough he took down the New York Knicks by 35 points and was considered to be one of his best performances till the date.


In the summer of 2013, Jrue’s left the Philly team when they traded him to the New Orleans Pelicans. Unfortunately for the soccer player, he couldn’t play the whole season as he suffered from a stress fracture in his right shin and later he underwent surgery for the same. That was a tough time for the young player but his lady love stood beside him at every point.


After Jrue had recovered from his injuries, they started to pay more attention to their relationship which was also suffering because of every up and down they were going through. They needed something to adhere to in this tough time and get out of it without causing any harm. Their relationship was at a very crucial stage. It was then, after thinking a lot they came to the decision of getting married.

Mark The Date

On 7th July 2013, they tied the knot in presence of their family and friends. They were too excited about their new life and adventures. They knew this wasn’t going to be easy for them but they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other and this was what they were sure about. So they went ahead with the idea of getting married.


Marriages aren’t always that easy, it takes a lot of patience and equal participation to work out one. A lot of changes happen after you get married, more responsibilities come on your shoulder which obviously isn’t easy to manage in the starting. Both Lauren and Jrue were going through a similar phase. Would they be able to cope up and work out their marriage along with their careers?