Figuring Things Out

Both Lauren and Jrue were trying to figure out things and build a strong relationship. But due to lack of time, they weren’t able to be there for each other as much as they wanted to be. Most of the time when they used to come home, one or the other person wouldn’t be there. And this was somehow loosening the tight bond they used to have before marriage.

Big Decisions

Sometimes you need to make hard decisions especially when you have to choose between two of your favorite things and it becomes the hardest when both the things are special to you. What would you do when you know you would have to sacrifice the one out of the two. And what if you have to choose between your married life and your passion, it would be hardest of all the decisions to take. What would Lauren and Jrue do?


Choices are always hard to make but you have to sacrifice one thing to keep the other. Lauren took a major step in her career as well as in her life when she chose to quit her soccer career when she was at the top. This was surely a tough decision for her but she did it for her family and her love. Would this be able to save her marriage?


In 2015, she told a website: “a new chapter of my life. I feel like this team isn’t my identity, it’s my choice. I think there’s power in making a choice. I chose this team for 10 years, and now I’m going to choose my family.” And stepped back from her passion to be there for her husband and cheer him up during his matches by being present at his games.

High In Love

Lauren said in an interview praising her husband, “Jrue’s been phenomenal. He’s been to every major tournament of mine. I haven’t been able to reciprocate for him. So I think what I look forward to most is being able to be there. When he has a tough game, or something to celebrate, he can come home, and I’ll be there.”

Another News

Soon after announcing her retirement in 2015, she announced her pregnancy to the world. This was another chapter she was embracing in her life. Everything around her was changing, Jrue was trying his best to be there for his wife whenever she needed him. They both were happy about the new start of their life.