Logan’s Perspective

Misunderstanding can cause a lot of trouble. When Logan gave the idea of a food truck his motive was not to make his father feel inefficient. His only intention was to help in sharing the burden with his father. But this idea took another road.

Mother-Daughter Take

Jody and Brylee were in a room where they were having a mother-daughter time. They were enjoying their talks and reading session until Jody heard both of them (Bryan and Logan) screaming. Jody and Brylee rushed down the stairs.

The Scene

When they rushed down they saw Bryan and Logan, turning red out of anger. They both were screaming on top of their voices, not hearing a word of what the other person was saying. In anger, Bryan smashed a glass on the floor which broke into the pieces. Seeing this Jody ran to calm him, Brylee screamed out of terror and Logan left the house.


Next day morning there was pin-drop silence in the room. Jody was tensed even to see the father-son duo under the same room and Brylee was still terrified. This was the first time when Logan and Bryan did not even look at each other.

Family Loans

Jody and Bryan were living their lives with debts. Debts became an inevitable part for them. No matter what they did they were caught in the vicious circle. Logan just wanted to help his parents but the idea took another turn. When Jody talked to Logan she came to know why he wanted to run a food truck.

Mother-Son Talk

After hearing out Logan’s perspective she told him,” Son I am proud of you but right now all you need to focus is on your studies and not to worry about the loans. You study hard and fulfill your father’s desire- you attending a prestigious college.” To this logan replied, ” What about Dad? He was furious last night?” Jody assured him that she will take care of him.