Family Time Again

Solving puzzles was one thing they followed religiously.  They were solving puzzles but this time Logan and Bryan were not on the same side. Jody kept an eye on the puzzle and another on her husband and son. She tried to get them together by acting like she was not able to solve a riddle but that didn’t work.

Something New

They came to know about the “Gold Hunt” a company who hid prizes and the participants have to solve the puzzles to get the prize. Through their experience of “geocaches”, they thought of trying their luck in the hunt.


The Duffs spent their family time, solving riddles whereas others spend by taking a stroll in the park or watching a movie. Their happy family time was about to help them a lot. The company said that anyone with the zeal of hunting treasure can participate in the quest. They bought the map and were ready to find the treasure!

After The Map

The treasure hunt is just like the other scavengers hunt. Take the map find more clues and hunt your treasure. The identity of the owner is still unknown. No wonder there would be a hunt for that too!

 Duff On Hunt

As Jody was already tensed and terrified with the fight and rocky time between father and son, she thought this could be a great way to bring the duo back on talking terms at least. She played the role of mastermind! She planned to stick with Brylee and make Logan and Bryan stick together.

Jody And Brylee’s Plan

Jody told Brylee to stick with her all the time during the hunt. Brylee, without any question, followed the instructions. At home, everyone was planning a strategy for the hunt. The hunt began at 12.01am Saturday, in Edmonton. Maps and clues were released to the participants.