This one of its kind story began when Max and his mother Erin adopted a black cat from a shelter. Max loved animals and there was something special about this cat as he felt an instant connection with her, the moment he laid his eyes on her. The cat seemed alone and sad. The duo chose the black kitten to be the new member of their family. In popular beliefs, black cats are not considered auspicious. They are known to bring some twisted omen with themselves. Clearly, Max and Erin did not believe in it. However, Erin began to learn a lot of new things about the cat after Max went away for the boot camp. She noticed the cat Yuuki, doing stuff that was least expected of an animal.

Ready To Leave

Max had a fondness for felines. These tiny mysterious creatures interested him a lot. That is why he opted for a cat when he and his mother decided to adopt a pet. Max had almost completed his studies and was willing to join the U.S. Navy. The man had chosen his career but as his mom was a single mother, the decision to pursue his dream was a tough one. 

Introducing Max

Max, a 19-year-old boy had been dreaming of serving the nation since his childhood. The boy loved watching movies based on the army. He respected and admired the army personnel to a greater extent. He wanted to make a contribution to his country in his own way. His mother never stopped him from pursuing his aim.

Getting A Pet

Related imageThe boy used to spend most of his time with her mother as they were quite close. His mother had given him the love of mother and father both. They remained a small family for a long while. Max knew that he would have to leave his mother alone in order to undergo the training. It was a big concern for him. He did not want to leave his mother alone and so decided to adopt a pet for her. His time to go for training was nearing.    

Accepting The Idea

Family is the most important part of people’s lives. You stay with your family since your birth and takes the last breath while surrounded by the family only. It pains a lot when someone departs from the family likewise it is difficult to adjust new people in it. Adopting a pet that too, a cat never occurred to Erin Nimrichter. She was a bit skeptical about Max’s idea.   

Persuasion Game

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As Erin was not very sure about it, Max had to persuade his mother. He had a valid reason. The boy was going to leave the place in a few days as he was going to a boot camp that would leave Erin all alone in the house. And he knew that cats are the best companion one can have. They are adorable and small. 

She Agreed

Even though Erin had a boyfriend, he was not staying with her. She was not ready for that big step yet. The woman was going to get alone after her son will leave for the camp. The woman agreed to pet a cat. She had never adopted any animal before. The very next day, they headed to a shelter and found themselves a cat.