Dogs are the best companion that remains loyal to you all their life. They are just not your best buddy but also work as a stressbuster. And their countless qualities like these makes them a very good gift. If you are planning on gifting your parents or grandparents something really special then I would suggest you go for these dog breeds. They just would not give them company but would also keep them healthy. How, healthy? Well, the answer to all your questions lies in this article. Read it to find out how dogs can do wonder to your family, including you.


Image result for pugsPug is famous for owning a perfect couch potato image. They are called so because they are not much active like their many contemporaries and loves to rest a much as they can. The breed is also considered a gentle companion that makes it a perfect pet for senior citizens. The old owners are usually not capable of taking their dogs out for exercises, let alone train them. Along with the old ones those who are lazy enough to take care of their dog’s exercise can opt for this breed. Pug has the ability to mold itself into every type of situation. Another perk is that they are quite easy to groom and are amazing lap dogs. One more good news for the senior citizens is that the breed is given on discount to them by the rescues.


Image result for beagleYou may think that Beagle is not good for old peoples owing to their loud nature but the reality is that this tiny playful breed is a great choice for the senior citizens. The owners will not have to pay much attention to their grooming as they require very little. Unlike Pug, they are very active and helpful that will force you into a lot of exercises. This owner affectionate breed is very friendly with kids and adults alike. But this dog sometimes gets stubborn, a habit that it adopts from its ancestor, however, their stubbornness can be tamed by regular training and delicious food. Weighing between 18 to 30 pounds, Beagle has a very high intelligence level.

Italian Greyhound

Image result for italian greyhoundGreyhounds are the big size animal that was primarily used for hunting in primitive times. But in today’s time, this breed is used as a pet. The Italian Greyhound is comparatively small in size and hence manageable. They are very much affectionate with their owner and have a very high sensitivity level. Commonly known as ‘Iggies”, they are even friendly towards strangers. They have no problems living in apartments or small homes. If we stress upon its health issues then this breed is not predisposed to fatal diseases hence, would not force you to rush to the veterinarian every alternate day. Besides these merits, the dog is quite easy to groom and needs only one hour exercise a day.

Labrador Retriever

Image result for labrador retrieverThis handsome breed is very sharp minded and friendly. They occupy the first position in American Kennel Club. They have a muscular and athletic physique. Along with having an impressive appearance, they also have sharp learning skills. They are the people pleaser, so in order to impress others, they try to grasp every trick taught to them. They remain high on energy that makes it pertinent for them to have regular vigorous exercises it is not just like that they are called “workaholics.” This sweet-natured breed makes a perfect watchdog that remains very loyal to their family. Their highly obedient nature makes them a good pet for the seniors.

Shih Tzu

Despite their small size, Shih Tzu is also called “Lion Dog”. Don’t go on its name it is not dangerous even an iota. In fact, this cute looking breed is a great companion for everyone especially to the old people because of its friendly nature, loyal disposition and easy to go behavior. They are lap dogs who loves to stalk you from rooms to rooms and snuggle with you. Along with these soft qualities the canine is also known for making an excellent watchdog. They are highly intelligent and are a very good option for novice owners. This breed is a great option for the senior citizens as despite being very playful they don’t need to be exercised vigorously.


Don’t let its small size appearance deceive you, they make great watchdogs. They are always alert and doubtful of strangers. They have century old reputation of being loyal to its human companion. They thrive on companionship and remains dead honest to their honors. It has been seen that Chihuahua shares a special bond with one person only but that does not mean that they are standoffish to strangers. If introduced properly, it will make a good friend with them.They have no problem in living in apartments. The grooming requirements are not much and they enjoy a very healthy life if cared properly. For them, exercise means a quick walk that goes well with the routine of senior citizens.