Monday Morning

One fine Monday morning, Eric decided to take two of his clients for a stroll. Since the day he had started working as a dog-walker, Eric started to feel contentment. He felt as if he was doing something worthwhile and this was something that he wasn’t getting between his screenwriter job.

Two Clients

Gouda and Lily.

These were the names of the clients that he had taken for a stroll on that particular Monday morning. Gouda and Lily were two of Eric’s favorite clients. Whenever he got a chance to take these two on a walk he was delighted because¬† Lily and Gouda were two sweethearts who loved everyone, even the strangers.

A Long Stroll

But when Eric picked up Gouda and Lily for a stroll he would have never thought that he would come across something that will leave a mark on his life forever. Eric took both of his clients for a stroll to Prospect Park that was longer than the daily routine he had set for his clients.

A Professional

So now that Eric had taken up the job of dog-walker he thought of taking Gouda and Lily for a professional stroll. He was now pursuing his passion for helping dogs in a professional capacity, so he took them both in Prospect Park.

Usual Morning

Eric would have never thought that Monday was going to be anything different than his normal days, but could he have been any more wrong. He never thought that he would come across something that is going to change his life forever.

Unexpected Presence

Eric while strolling the park with Lily and Gouda saw something that was tied to the tree. He could not confirm what it was because he was far away from the tree. But when he came close to the tree he was shocked to see what was tied to that tree.