Waiting Patiently


The owner of this precious Labrador was patiently waiting as the dog had fun wading and bathing in the waters. Later the dog seemed to have grabbed something on the way back. the man was left in utter shock when he realized what the dog had brought.

Adventure Seekers

Rick Sauer is a local from Ashford, Connecticut where he stays with his Labrador companion by the name of Jax. Indeed, Sauer was always on an adventure exploring with his dear dog.

Best Of Friends

Just like other, Sauer and Jax became extremely close after finding each other. “I pretty much bring him everywhere I go, more or less. He’s my little companion,” Sauer told an interviewer.

Not A Pushover

One thing Sauer and Jax’s loved to do was to go hunting. The two of them truly enjoyed hunting and chasing birds. Jax was not really a pushover. If he ever felt like it , he could even be a stone-cold killer.

Often Go Fishing

When Sauer and Jax had free time, they would even go fishing. On ordinary trips, the dog would just keep his master company, standing beside the lake. However, one day Jax had a more purposeful duty.

A Bird Suddenly Dropped

Both of them were just wading in the water when an unexpected thing occurred. They soon passed some foliage, there was a vibration inside then suddenly, a little bird dropped out of a tree.