Sasha, an 8-month-old Pitbull was living with Chaichanhda family. In no time she had grown very close to the family. Sasha was everyone’s favorite but her favorite was Nana’s 7-month-old daughter. She would cuddle with her all the time. The dog was very obedient but that night everything changed. Sasha began barking continuously. The pooch was in the backyard whereas Nana and her daughter were sleeping inside the house. When Nana went out to see what happened she saw Sasha jumping at the door. She opened the door and went out. It was then he realized why Sasha was behaving so weirdly. The woman immediately ran inside to grab her baby but it was too late.

Chaichanhda Family

This remarkable incident took place in Stockton of California. Nana Chaichanhda lived in the house with her kids. As it was Sunday she had no plans and had decided to spend the whole day at home with her kids and Sasha. But little did she know that the day was going to bring a big change in their lives.

The Guardian Angel

Sasha lives with Nana and her three small kids. Unlike many dogs out there, Sasha was living an amazing life. Her mom Nana Chaichanhda is a single mother who looks after her three kids and Sasha on her own. 


Sasha is a pitbull by breed. Pitbulls are known for their aggressive nature. Kids should not be left alone with them as they do not have a good temperament. However, this is not wholly true. Pitbulls have gain popularity of their friendly nature. They are extremely loyal and affectionate with kids and adults.


The woman loved dogs. This is why she decided to adopt a dog when she felt depressed. And as expected Sasha brought lots of happiness to the house with herself. She got along with everyone in the house. Life was going amazingly for them.    

Close Bonds

Sasha was a lovable family member. Nana and all her three kids had formed a special bond with her. But who did Sasha like the most? Sasha had made a very special bond with the 7-month-old baby. As both were of the same age, Sasha treated the baby like her sister. She loved cuddling with her sister.  

Just A Month Apart

One of the reasons behind her special bond with Masailah is that the duo took birth only a month apart. Amusingly, both of them are born in the same year and differentiated only by a month. Sasha is very protective of her and stays with her all the time. Not only that they even take a shower together.