There are very few people in the world who do not love dogs. After all, they are probably the most irresistibly cute creatures on this planet who are also loyal and trustworthy. They can be trusted with guarding our homes and sometimes, even kids! And everyone knows how easily kids get attached to these furry wonders of nature. Kids and dogs relations are goals. Having babies grow up with dogs makes them more compassionate, loving and understanding. They learn to build healthy bonds right from their infancy.

For all these reasons this mother got a dog to grow up with her newborn baby, but what the family did was the exact contrary to the nature of dogs. She was aghast when dog behaved like that with her baby.

The Svilicic Family

The Svilicic family recently welcomed a cute little baby girl in their family who was named Charlotte. She was a really friendly baby and her mother, Catherine decided that Charlotte deserved to have a friend to grow up with. She did not want to have another baby but she decided that she will get a dog. Dogs are friendly creatures and having one in the family will only increase the connection between the members. Little did she know that her plan would backfire…