There are very few people in the world who do not love dogs. After all, they are probably the most irresistibly cute creatures on this planet who are also loyal and trustworthy. They can be trusted with guarding our homes and sometimes, even kids! And everyone knows how easily kids get attached to these furry wonders of nature. Kids and dogs relations are goals. Having babies grow up with dogs makes them more compassionate, loving and understanding. They learn to build healthy bonds right from their infancy.

For all these reasons this mother got a dog to grow up with her newborn baby, but what the family did was the exact contrary to the nature of dogs. She was aghast when dog behaved like that with her baby.

The Svilicic Family

The Svilicic family recently welcomed a cute little baby girl in their family who was named Charlotte. She was a really friendly baby and her mother, Catherine decided that Charlotte deserved to have a friend to grow up with. She did not want to have another baby but she decided that she will get a dog. Dogs are friendly creatures and having one in the family will only increase the connection between the members. Little did she know that her plan would backfire…

Which Dog To Get

Image result for cute dogsDog breeds like pugs, poodles, Pomeranian, golden retriever are known for their instantly friendly and accommodating nature. But there are some hyper dog breeds which might not be an ideal choice to have infants play with. The Svilicic family was confused as to which dog to buy, but then Catherine had a noble idea, she decided to adopt a dog, to give one a shelter. It would turn into a mistake, she could not have known.

Don’t Buy, Adopt

Related imageThis is the motto the Svilicic family decided to go by. After Charlotte, the adopted dog was going to be the newest addition to their family; someone who would act as Charlotte’s partner in crime and become the source of all her happy memories. After going through various adoption options they finally settled down on one. They decided to get a dog that no one else would have even thought of sheltering.

Dobermann Is The Man

Doberman with his ball sitting on the grass

The family called up the nearest adoption center and started looking for pups. Catherine’s eye was caught by a Dobermann who was sitting quietly by himself. There was something about him that made Catherine want to pick him. It seemed like he had been through a lot and the whole point of adoption was that Svilicic family wanted both the dog and Charlotte to benefit from each other. 

Tragic History

Large doberman inside a cageThere was a reason why this Dobermann sat alone, all by himself. His previous home was not exactly a great place for dogs. He was abused and even beaten up by his previous owners. So this dog had lost all trust in humans by whom he had been mistreated. In fact, this dog was going to be euthanized a week later. It was just fate he got adopted by the Svilicic family right before this. But was it fortunate for Charlotte?

Potentially Dangerous

Image result for barking dobermanAny kind of dog can be dangerous, there is really no judging which dog has what kind of nature. Since Dobermann are categorized as big dogs they could be more dangerous especially for kids, because they are expected to be more hyper. The case of this Dobermann was different for the other reason too. He had been let down once by the human race. Being near others of the same race might not have been the best idea. And when tragedy stuck the Svilicic family, Catherine even had a second thought about this dog.