Do you judge a book by its cover, why do we ask? You see looks can often be deceiving, from a decent distance the Blue Hole of Belize looks like the most ridiculously beautiful sapphire pool surrounded by the warm and turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. But after taking a closer look, the gaping abyss can send shivers down anyone’s spine and fill them with curiosity as to what mystery lies at the depth of this sinkhole. A team of scientists and environmentalists led by the famous explorer Fabien Cousteau and the billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson to explore and study the region for the first time. However, they were left horrified after learning what lay at the bottom of the Blue Hole.

Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau is a renowned personality in the world of sea explorers and he is quite popular for his passion for marine bodies and life. From scrutinizing underwater Civil war ship-remains to documenting wild sharks and swimming with them up, he has tried his hands at everything that his profession has to offer. However, his last mission defied all the expectations when this happened…

Quest To The Caribbean

He sailed towards the Caribbean Sea in the year 2018 with the sole purpose of exploring the fabled Blue Hole. For those who are not aware of the name, a Blue Hole is a large marine sinkhole opened to the surface boasting of dangerous and mysterious depths. While it was a challenging task in itself, Fabien Cousteau would soon find something that would leave everyone stunned. 

Extraordinary Ecosystem

The Belize Barrier Reef happens to be the second largest reef on the planet, only second to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. As far as the geographical attributes are concerned, the reef consists of a vast chunk which is known as the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which lies just near the shores of the Central American region specifically stretching from the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico to Honduras. The Reef even received plaudits from Charles Darwin, a renowned naturalist and biologist famous for his theory of evolution sailed through the passage in 1842 termed it as “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies.” Darwin didn’t exaggerate at all in his statement as the very first glance of this reef can leave anyone mesmerized.

Tantalizing Depths

The Blue Hole is a natural attraction for many scuba divers but don’t misinterpret this reef for a day-to-day hang out spot. The diving spot located at the easternmost part of this exquisite reef can send anyone’s life into perils and it is mandatory for a diver to complete 24 dives at the least before going all the way down. Are you just as curious to figure out the mystery this 420-feet deep reef conceals in it? You’ll be surprised to know that this underwater sinkhole can easily hold two gigantic Boeing 474 airplanes in it and there would be still enough room left. Fabien Cousteau had his eyes set on this beautiful yet lethal attraction to discover what lies beneath it.

Family Affair

Fabien Cousteau had many significant reasons to dive into the unknown but one thing that pushed him beyond all the limits was the personal resonance that this operation held. His grandfather named Jacques Cousteau was once a famous oceanographer and Fabien followed his footsteps to become the greatest of all time, just like his grandfather once was. Jacques too had visited the blue hole back in 1971 and he listed this place among his top five diving spots. However, the tools he used back in the day were certainly not as effective as the ones that his grandson now possessed and Jacques was just there for a brief peek.

Virgin Voyage

It’s really hard to find someone who isn’t aware of the name Richard Branson, the founder of the “Virgin group” that consists of more than 400 companies. He is certainly a man of many interests. From being an entrepreneur, an investor, a philanthropist, and even an author, it’s all that put him on the 8th spot on the list of Forbes richest billionaires in the UK. The business tycoon was all in for this mission and the mystery that lied at the bottom of this Blue Hole piqued his interest, even more, He joined hands with Fabien Cousteau and accompanied him in his expedition by getting himself on the team’s submersible, but their mission would soon take an unexpected turn.