Other than this universe we humans have created almost everything and still trying to invent something or the other. When the land was covered with forests we leveled them out and created buildings for us to live. Carved out valleys to make lakes, used rivers as a source of power energy, and we even carved out human faces on mountainsides. Time and again, we have proved that there is nothing that we can’t do. We have found ways to ease our natural surroundings. But, there are times when nature fights back. It puts some unexplainable circumstances in front of us that we humans find very hard to explain.

This story where a natural event happened in the Soviet Union stunned every geologist in the world for the next 44 years. They thought that the excavation would be a daily routine but it turned to be quite a hardship…What happened that day which changed everything for them?

The Opportunity

Three geologists – Yuri Khabardin, Ekaterina Elagina, and Viktor Avdeenko were working on something back in 1955. They heard about a place in Siberian wilderness that they thought might be able to help their country. They began their journey and the next they found themselves doing a dangerous trek deep in that place.

The 5,000 Mile Journey

Exhausted by the 5,000-mile journey the team finally reached the place where they need to find that one thing which could change their country’s future. Before that, they had to be sure if visiting that place was even safe for them. All three of them were good geologists still, there were things they weren’t aware of. Like they had no idea about the place and the routes which were covered with snow.

Reaching The Location

After spending a few hours learning about the location, the team decided to move out of their comfort zone and look for that one thing they actually traveled this far from home. As they say, good things don’t come that easily, the team was struggling for their lives as the atmosphere in the Siberian was extremely deadly for humans but still, they tried their best to survive. They had the determination to locate the location where they might actually find a way which can help their country. But little they know things would soon become dangerous for everybody.

The Sight Of The Site

The team reached the location and while they look around one of the team members stumbled upon a massive streak of the volcanic rock kimberlite. It was then they discovered a big, alien-like stone which nobody has ever seen in their whole life. The three geologists just hit a jackpot as the area was full of rich mineral deposits. They knew that they have found a way to revive the country. But their worst nightmare was about to come in front of them that would change their and country’s destiny forever. What natural event happened that day of which the geologists had no idea about?

Collecting The Evidence

The team who thought has won a lottery started their research and collected several items that they thought would take back to show the Soviet officials. They knew the officials would do anything to make the country stand on its feet again. They didn’t spend much time at the location because of the atmosphere which was extremely cold and dangerous. They would come back and this time fully prepared and nature was watching everything. There would be no next time…