Herbert Nitsch is a very decorated name in the world of freedivers. The man has made many records that still stand unbreakable. Amongst all his records, the most memorable is the one in which he dived down to 818.6 feet. No one has broken the record till now. His achievement took everyone by storm but what followed after the celebrated moment shook his fans to the core. His one wrong DECISION had turned his life upside down.

Free Diving

As easy or smooth it may seem, Freediving is a tough task. It includes lots of risks and sometimes the risk can be life-threatening. This sport is certainly not for the fainthearted. In it the diver goes down to the lowest part of the ocean in one breath.

Risks Involved

Well, the list of risks involved is huge and maybe that is why most people steer away from this sport.  However, Nitsch loved playing with danger and this sport provided him the perfect opportunity to explore his adventurous side.  

Earlier Life

Herbert Nitsch was born on 20 April 1970. He has served as a part-time pilot for Tyrolean Airways. The man, better known as “the deepest man on earth,” has made a name for himself by achieving 33 official world records. 


Nitsch was on an excursion to scuba diving. However, there was a shift in plan when he lost his luggage due to the airline’s negligence. Unfortunately, he had his scuba equipment in the luggage. Though it was sad news, he did not let the opportunity go.        

Taking A Risk

The man decided to take a risk. He planned to go diving without gear. Though it felt like a big risk, in the beginning, the man soon realized that he was quite good at it too. His newly found skill did not remain in oblivion for long as one of his friend’s father had seen how he was able to stay inside the water for a long period of time. Eventually, the old man suggested Nitsch challenge and surpass the existing Austrian freediving record.    

A Coincidence

He reminisced, “It was a big coincidence. I went on a scuba diving safari in 1998 and the airline lost my luggage, including all my scuba gear.  As I was stuck on this live-aboard without scuba gear, I went snorkelling every day, taking pictures with an underwater camera.”