We, the humans, are often coined as unique and social animals that are different from other species because of the way we perceive things and react to it. We might be ahead of everyone else on this planet when it comes to the intellectual level but where do we stand when it gets down to feeling compassionate towards others? Many might cite examples of dogs or say dolphins who feel as heavily as any emotional human being. This story of a little girl leaves us with serious questions to ask when she takes a stand in the courtroom after being wronged by a man and what this dog named Karl did for her left everyone gazing in awe.

Too Much To Handle

Adults tend to perceive things in a different way than a child would and even a grown-up can struggle against the things that may come across in a courtroom while testifying against a person who had done them wrong. So you can only imagine how unwanted and frightening the feeling of stepping into a courtroom to testify could be for a child. She had to do it on her own as her parents wouldn’t step with her into the stand which made the little girl feeling alone and scared. But she had a special someone she could ask to join her in the stand…

Every Dog Has Its Day

But justice needs to be served and it was on that day when this little yet brave girl stepped into the stand. She had to do so to testify against the man who had allegedly done her wrong. The little girl was in distress as the glimpses of what happened to her flashed in front of her eyes the moment she saw him. She was petrified and almost froze but soon after she spotted her friend Karl and did something that changed her life for good.

Life Puts You To Test

Children are as innocent and sensitive but when the situation demands they can often be the most courageous person standing in the room. Don’t ever make the mistake of misinterpreting their innocence for their weakness as they are much stronger than they look. They are able to bounce back from absolutely anything and that’s what this little girl did. She was initially hesitant as she hadn’t expected herself to end up in such a tough situation. She was a kid after all and she could use some support by her side.

Karl’s Special Assignment

Karl was a lot more than an ordinary pet dog. This 65-pound boxer was assigned to protect and serve a special purpose but don’t think that he was a police dog. He was a part of the K9th Circuit Program which was developed to support children in the courtroom who are victims of any sort of abuse. These cute dogs stepped in to rescue the kids when they were vulnerable in the stand. But Karl was something special as he was born with something that gave him an edge over the others. What was it that made this dog extra special?

Working Dog

For this little girl who had to take the stand in the courtroom, Karl was nothing short of an Angel in disguise. Animals have a blessing from nature which makes them able to sense things and dogs among all these animals are possibly the most superior when it comes to bringing it in use. Karl could tell or say sense that the little girl was going through tough times. Dogs are compassionate which is a trait of their character and their sixth sense made things much easier for the children in the courtroom. But Karl was a league above than any other dog and it would be of immense help to this little girl.

Dogs Are So Smart

A dog is a man’s best friend indeed. They are sweet, sensible, loving and pretty much everything that makes them so special.  They always bounce back without dwelling in the past. They might have been manhandled before and mistreated in other ways in the past but they would still keep on going without holding a grudge against the world. Karl had a disability but it didn’t act as a hurdle but rather allowed Karl to lead and live an awesome life and making other’s life better.