The series of pictures received from an unknown girl could have been taken obnoxiously by Wood’s wife if she would have been around. The chapter of misunderstandings would have been endless then. But, now that she was away and Wood had replied to the text, what would be the wife’s reaction to this?

Nothing Remains Hidden

In the era of digital media, nothing remains hidden. There are rarely any secrets regarding anyone anymore. Wood’s message as a reply to an unknown text would come out soon, too. And not only his wife, but the whole world would be able to see what had happened and what took place in the conversation, and that would be the turning point of his life.

More Than A Text

The reply that Wood had sent to the unknown number was not just a normal text either. He had sent a very unusual reply. And that effort of putting in a thought and replying with something more than just a normal text would be the reason for the future events of Woods’ life.

No Secrets

Privacy is hardly available anymore. Tony’s message to this unknown number was soon going to be viral, and his life was going to take a turn at a massive pace. No sooner than he would have imagined, his message was going to be viral all over Twitter.

The Reply

Tony had seen the two pictures sent by the unknown girl and had decided to reply to her with a picture message as well. Since his wife was not at home, he took this step without her consent, and the result would be soon known to you.


Wood had thought that sending in a normal text like, “Hey, I guess you sent in the images to the wrong person” or something like that blandly would have not been appropriate, and so he sent in an image of his children, not knowing what the consequences would be.