Perfect Timings

Luck favored Tony that at the time he got that text, his wife was not around. She was not at home. Was he thankful for the absence of his wife? Or was he worried about her absence at the hour the message was received by him?

The Sender

What intrigues us is that what was it exactly that a lady who was a stranger would send to a man whom she didn’t know. Or, did she? Was the message accidental or was it intentional?

The Odds

Was the message that was sent a question, a threat, a proposal, or a call for help? What was it that made Tony, a family man, who was spending time with his kids and taking care of them, put everything at a halt just to respond to the text?

The Text Revelation

The text that we have been questioning in our minds since so long came out to be not just a normal text, but a multimedia attachment with two images that were sent to Tony. What could the images possibly be about?

The Images

The message that Tony had received was from a woman, whom he claimed he did not know. The pictures were not just some random pictures, but images of the sender herself. The girl was standing in a garment store, wearing a full-length navy blue colored gown. Why were these pictures sent to Tony?


As we know, Tony did not ignore the message, nor did he nonchalantly reply. He gave a great amount of thought to the message before sending a reply. Little did he know that this one message of his would make his world go insanely up and down at the same time.