New Start

During the time of these events, Tony Wood had recently got his realtor certificate and had started anew as a real estate agent. Little did he know that a new start in his career life would also bring along with it a new change altogether.

Family Man

Tony Wood has been a family man, having a wholesome family of lovely children and a lovely wife whom he adored. But he never knew that one text message would prove out to be such a drastic event of his life.

Media Buff

Tony is a father of six but has always tried to keep up with the digital media. He had been very active as a user on Twitter, mainly because he had started his real estate business and wanted to promote it on all the media platforms.


The Wood family entrusted in each other. There was the establishment of trust among the husband and wife, and that is why they were able to take care and bring up a family of six loving children. But, would that trust work after Tony had seen the unknown text that did not even concern him?

Human Curiosity

You would wonder why did Tony Wood not just ignore the text and carry on with his life? But, it is human tendency to be interfering. To poke or be interested in the other person’s life is one of the most enticing things humans find. So, was it his curiosity or something else that enticed him to the unknown sender’s text?


The text that was sent to Tony Wood was for sure by a girl. Who that girl was, was not known. Tony Wood did not know the girl, but it would soon change. How would you react if an unknown random text from a girl comes to you? Wood did something extremely unusual.