In today’s world of social media, anything and everything is unanticipated and unimaginable. You never know what the next hour or even second would bring to you. Each second brings in a thousand new concerns to ponder over if you want to. And every minute, a lot of individuals’ life is changed because of digital media. One such story is from Spring Hill, Tennessee where an unknown sender’s message to Tony Wood changed his and his family’s life forever.

Unanticipated Fate

Life each second is unpredictable. You never know how one single action of yours can affect your life forever, and alter your fate in a blink of an eye. Every step you take can be a new stepping stone of your life or could push you hard and take you back. Tony Wood was going to face one of these reactions soon without being aware of any of it.

Mysterious Senders

How many times have you got texts or calls from unknown numbers which were never meant for you? Do they annoy or bother you? Or do you not pay heed to them at all? Technology has brought in a lot of changes in our lives, many of which have disadvantages topping the advantages.


Change is a very heavy word in itself, but the causes of it can be very light and trivial, which you would have never thought of. Tony Wood never thought that a random text from a random stranger, and his random reply to this text, would bring the huge change in his life.


One fine day when Tony Wood was spending quality time with his family, his phone popped up a notification which read that he had received a text. But the twist came in when he saw that the text was from an unknown number. He did not know of this number and could not think of anyone unknown who was supposed to be contacting him anytime soon.

Unexpected Event

An unknown text from a number made an ordinary going life for the Woods a roller coaster ride that they were not prepared for. Several twists and turns followed after that incident, which none of us could ever think of.

The Wood Family

Tony had a loving wife, Rachel, who was away at the time he had received the text. He was at home, taking care of his children. Tony and his wife had a family of six sweet children, all very young to take care of themselves.