A Surprising Sight

Image: YouTube/WTNH News8The reason for the man coming back to the restaurant was the surprising sight he had witnessed earlier during his conversation with the waitress. He caught Carlson totally off guard as she was having a quick snack. He offered a tip of $500 so that she could go and get it fixed.

A Tip Like No Other

Image: Didier Weemaels

He offered the waitress a tip of 500 dollars. Speaking to WTNH news, Carlson recalled the man saying, “I’m not going to take no for an answer.” She had failed to reject his offer. But, why the man offered Carlson money, was the question.

”You Deserve This”

Image: Facebook/Keri Marie Carlson“I tried to give him the money back, but he was like, ‘No – you deserve this,’” she told the reporter. What’s more, the emotion of the situation then completely overcame the Connecticut waitress.

Had Seen A Hearing Aid                        

“I just cried for a minute in his arms,” Carlson revealed. She simply couldn’t believe that someone she’d never met before would be kind enough to do this for her. Eventually, she had to accept the money because the man was actually serious about his offer after seeing the hearing aid on her ears. But, what happened after this was more amazing…


Image: Facebook/Keri Marie Carlson

She subsequently told WTNH news about her happiness and surprise when this whole thing happened. “I was in shock. I’m still in shock,” she admitted. “It’s not something that happens every day.”

Anonymous Customers

Image: Facebook/Keri Marie Carlson

The customer, on the other hand, chose to remain anonymous as he did not think of this as a big deal. Regardless, to the rest of the world, he will always be remembered as the mystery diner who came into a waitress’ life and changed it for the better.