This man went to a restaurant and noticed something strange with the waitress. But, it was a mind-boggling sight for everybody sitting around, when the man returned to the restaurant and followed the same waitress to her room. What happened at the end will surely surprise you!

An Unplanned Meeting

Image: YouTube/WTNH News8

When a customer followed this waitress into the back room of the restaurant, she was quite puzzled. Then, he said something that blew her mind. Indeed, when she realized exactly what he was offering her, she simply couldn’t hold back the tears.

 Like Any Other Day

Image: YouTube/WTNH News8

Keri Marie Carlson is a waitress from Branford, Connecticut.She began working in April 2017, at the GW Carson’s Restaurant, which is known for their burgers and steaks. It was an uneventful day, but then something completely unexpected was about to take place.

Random Customer Enters

Image: YouTube/WTNH News8

Carlson kept busy serving a table when a new customer suddenly entered. Little did she know at this point that he would prove to be a very special individual indeed. They first exchanged words when she showed the man his table.

 Awkward Conversation

Image: Facebook/Keri Marie CarlsonWhen Carlson took him to his table, the two spoke to each other for some time. After talking for some time the man realized that something was not right. It seemed that the waitress was not listening to what he said. This made the conversation between them a bit awkward.

Something Was Fishy

Image: YouTube/WTNH News8While talking to the waitress the man noticed that Carlson kept asking him to repeat what he had said to her. This made the man more suspicious and irritated. He decided to end the conversation then and there and went out of the restaurant.

Suddenly Came Back                          Image result for restaurant

She then went on to serve the other tables and customers. However, all of a sudden she noticed the man come into the back of the restaurant to find her. He then said something that teary-eyed Carlson who could not hold back her tears.