The yacht Maiken and its crew were sailing off from Vava’u island group in Tonga near the south Pacific ocean when they encountered a shadow. To the crew members, it appeared to be a magnanimous amount of dirt floating above the sea. But their perception soon changed once they reached the intriguing thing. Nature was all in the mood to surprise them with her miracle. This memorable journey of Maiken crew began in August 2006.

Heading Towards Fiji

This was not the first time the Maiken crew had undertaken a sea journey. They have been constant visitors of the sea but never did they witness a sight that they saw on that day. This was the first and last time they saw nature swirling her wands. That day in question, the crew members were heading towards Fiji after checking all the possibilities in the Vava’u island group.     

Vava’u Island

Vava’u island is the amalgamation of one large island and forty smaller ones. This beautiful island has a number of stories associated with it. One of them comes from Polynesia stating that god Maui caught the bottom of the sea brought the sand up and made Vava’u island. There are many other similar stories about the island doing the rounds.

Feeling Of Uneasiness

The ship burdened with the crew was heading towards Fiji when suddenly all of the members began to feel restless. The feeling of uneasiness kept on growing with their advancement. There was something very wrong with the atmosphere. The crew sped up the boat in order to reach the land as fast as they can. Little did they know that a bizarre sight was awaiting them ahead.

Uncomfortable Changes

On moving a bit forward the color of water also changed. Fredrik Fransson, a Swedish yachtsman noticed that the color of the deep blue sea was turning into lagoon green. As they sailed further, the green color darkened and that was not the only weird thing that happened. The next sight was going to sweep the floors off their feet.

Now A Shadow

As they moved ahead covering Pacific ocean little more, they saw a shadow in the sea. The shadow was constantly moving and was very large in size. Despite several years of service, Maiken crew had never come across something as strange as this. Their ship was going to collide with the shadow in minutes. Before that, they needed to find out what it actually was.

Not Clear

They were a bit far from the sight that is why they were having difficulty in identifying the thing. Moreover, it was the first time in their entire career they were confronting something like this. They were yet to overcome their guesses when the ship reached the suspicious shadow and with that, the crew made their final guesses. But still, they were highly mistaken.