Travelling could be a lot more fun with certain moments of surprise, and adventures that spring out of the blue. But what if an adventure leads to something that could change the lives of the people? What if a normal journey could begin a new journey altogether? Such an incident happened to a couple when they were passing through a dirt-road in Pennsylvania, and experienced something unanticipated that had the potential to change their life forever.

The Last Memorial Day

It was the Last Memorial day, the sun was at its peak. Danielle and Bobby had a long week and didn’t have a break from their hectic lives in a while. It has been 4 years since they had been together but no matter how much they worked, they always managed to make out time for each other as well as their kids and pets.

Ready For Help

Danielle Finley and Bobby Williams had one thing in common if nothing else, that they were animal lovers. They loved being around animals and had a couple of dogs in their home too. Taking care of these pooches and kids had become their ultimate goal of life until that day which turned their lives upside down.

Animal Lovers

Their love for animals was eternal. Having 3 pets at home and actively participating in animal rescue projects in and around the town, their love for animals had only multiplied over the years. They even encouraged their kids to actively engage in the same. And often used to take them along while visiting the stray houses in the town.

A Perfect Relationship

No matter how many people envy their relationship, only both of them knew that it’s always easy to move in but hard to manage together afterward. This was indeed a hard decision because they had a daughter to take care of too but due to the immense support shown by Bobby, the decision became a little easier.

Nothing’s Easy

A companion is necessary in today’s world, despite having money at the disposal, the need for a companion is not replaceable. You need somebody to share your happiness and a shoulder to cry on as well. Finding a companion is not hard, but keeping and managing with the same is not less than solving any complex puzzle.