A wedding is arguably the most celebrated day of one’s life. Why would it not be? The wedding ceremonies performed on that day binds two souls together forever. Finally, the day of their wedding arrived. Linda and Thulani(given name) were very excited about it. They had been planning their wedding for a long time now.

Linda was looking stunning in her shimmering white gown whereas Thulani was the most handsome person in the room. The wedding ceremony started soon after the arrival of the guests. The bride and the groom had taken all the attention now. The ceremony started with Linda sharing her vows with Thulani that warmed hearts of everyone present there. And then came the turn of Thulani. Well, his turn did not go as smoothly as Linda’s. The man had just started saying his vows when someone opened the door. This uninvited guest who entered through the door gave a new twist to this wedding.

The Big Day

Wedding is certainly the most life-changing event in someone’s life. This wedding too changed some lives for good. The groom and the bride were going to swear in their love for each other in a short while, at least that is what the couple thought. It was indeed one of its kind weddings.    

Perfect Place

It was a bright sunny day. The venue was decorated with flowers and lights. It was just the way the couple had planned. But very soon something unexpected was going to happen in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Unaware of the coming event, they remained busy in their preparation. 

Wedding With A Twist

Have you ever attended a wedding that is filled with a number of twists and turns? Not every other wedding runs smoothly, there are some that are so unusual that they become a talking point. Same happened here. Thulani and Linda were going to host the wedding that was going to cause ripple among the netizens.

Match Made In Jo’Burg

This weird wedding took place in Johannesburg of South Africa. Everything was going as planned. The bride and the groom looked extremely beautiful in their outfit. The beautiful venue was a cherry on the top of the cake. Guests began to assemble at the venue. The bride was very excited as now she was finally going to get married to her long-time boyfriend.


The bride who we will call Linda had been looking forward to this day for a long time. She had no idea that her wedding day was going to be anything but normal. She went to get ready only after checking everything was in place.  

Everything’s New

Linda was very happy but at the same time was a bit nervous. It was a strange feeling. She was about to enter a brand new phase of her life. The responsibilities were going to get doubled but at the same time, she was going to get into an unbreakable bond with Thulani.