The world has come to a point where technology has made life easy in every possible way. Even for babysitting, there is something called a baby monitor that supposedly helps parents and caregivers a means to watch over their babies from afar. But one parent’s baby monitor showed something truly scary, something any parent would fear. Jay and Sarah who live in Washington never expected their baby monitor to show what it did…

The Couple

So who are Jay and Sarah? Well, these two are a very normal couple who have welcomed a baby. With their small child, they live in Washington. They had wanted a baby for so long and so finally, when they had one, they wanted to make sure they provided everything they could. And just like all other parents, they bought one baby monitor to oversee their precious child.

Keeping An Eye On Him

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So whenever the mom and dad could not attend to the child, they would make use of the baby monitor. This really helped in keeping tabs of their child while doing what needs to be done. And so when the three-year-old was tucked away in his own room, Sarah and Jay could still keep an eye on him just like they wanted. However, something tragic soon happened…

Sound Mind

When they purchased the baby monitor, there was no problem. It seemed like everything was going to work out fine. With the help of the baby monitor, Jay and Sarah did not have to deal with the fear or confusion about what was going on with their baby. If ever they wanted to check on him, they could just look at the monitor to see if he was sleeping or not.

Blurting Out

And so as expected, the baby monitor did help with taking care of the baby for the busy couple. All the tension that used to exist when they could not directly be near their child was eliminated. The parents really enjoyed the peace of mind that this monitor offered. It helped deliver what they needed but when they least expected, their son blurted out something insane…

Some Secret

So when they were just going about their day, they did not expect that their toddler would end up telling them something chilling. He shared a secret to his mom and dad that was both scary and unexpected. The 3-year-old had revealed that there was Someone was coming in his room who wanted to talk to them. Jay and Sarah had a hard time comprehending what this meant.