A perfect marriage is often described as a relationship of two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. But is there actually a thing like “perfect “in this world? Every relationship has its own highs and lows, and the couple has to stay together to make it work.

Tyler Tipps and Brittany Wright two individuals were going through a terrible marital phase. While everyone else would call their marriages a bliss, these two would call it something no less than living in hell. However, one work event made them cross each other’s path. They went their own ways but soon destiny intervened and what happened next was something unconventional.

Good And Bad

Just the way not all days are the same, not every day in a relationship can be good. When you start to feel for a person, you anyway commit to love them in their happy days and on days when they are a mess, with all your heart. Who doesn’t like a stable companionship, but what makes for a stronger bond is when you decide to stick with one another when you have a lot many reasons to leave.


One of the most common issue why a couple often calls their marriage quits is that they feel monotonous after a point of time. They feel their spark is lost and this often leads to unnecessary arguments turning into a big one. Tipps and Wright did not have issues like this, but something was definitely not right and those needed to be dealt with maturely.

Tyler Tipps

Tipps lived in Oregon with his wife. He was working with a corporate house Save Haven Security which would soon be organizing an event in the month of July. Life was not very happening for him, it was tough. Looking after a wife and balancing work life had somewhere taken a toll over him. And no different was the case of Wright.

Brittany Wrights

Britanny Wrights too was a working woman. She had a husband and a family to look after. She was a resident of Dallas. She was working as a wire clerk with Gateway Mortgage Group. Her company was also taking an active part in the Seattle conference that was to be held in July 2017.

The Conference

The Seattle Conference was something both Tipps and Wright had been working hard for. They both were representing their own companies and could not take any risk with this huge business collaboration opportunity. Little did they know that this conference would turn into a life-altering one for both of them.


Neither of them had expected that it was the last night when their life was the way it is. Because the next sunrise would change their lives forever. A lot of things were about to change and that would happen so instantly that they would not even have time to gasp.