In the contemporary world, the moment a kid touches his/her early 20’s or finishes his/her graduation he wants to fly away from the nest, no matter how much his/her parents persuade the kid to stay. But what he/she doesn’t understand is that the world that seems to be so fancy in the movies or soap operas is unlike the real world. Though with the passage of time the reality dawns upon him/her and he/she too becomes possessive and protective of his/her own kids. But what if one day the parents themselves sue their kid in the court for living in the house. The same happened with this couple but what’s intriguing is why would any parent do so.

The Decision

It was a usual Tuesday morning which had turned into one of the historic days of that year with the most unusual decisions taken till date. Above all, the decision was supported by the majority of people in and around the area and how often does that happen? It wasn’t an easy decision, at least for the parents, but a necessary one to be taken. So what was that decision that came in the limelight and why was that decision so necessary for the parents and the rest of the world too?

A Perfect Family

They were a perfect family anyone could dream of, Mark and Christina Rotondo was living the dream with a perfect job that helped them meet the two ends and they managed to do a little bit of saving. Their happiness multiplied when they had their first kid, Michael. They had weaved millions of dreams around the baby. They preplanned almost everything without having a clue that one day their world would turn upside down.

Young Micheal

The time flew really quick that they didn’t realize the little Michael who was trying to balance his foot had started to ride motorbikes and when his alphabet books got replaced by alpha, betas of mathematics. Soon he was going to finish his graduation and had millions of plans ahead. But the plans usually do not get executed the way we want. So what would be the difference that could change Michael’s life?

High-School Ends!

As soon as he started his graduation, there were constant talks and seminars that included discussions on advanced subjects that kids could take. Michael too was curious about his upcoming life and job that he would be doing. But most importantly he was excited about his independent life.

Moving Out

As his graduation day came nearer he couldn’t hold his excitement. He had already started packing his bags and essentials. His parents were somewhat sad about him moving out because they couldn’t just let him out in this cruel world. But seeing him happy was their major goal no matter even if it meant watching him moving out. So they had put a stone on their heart and happily agreed for the same.

Graduation Day

Finally, his graduation day came and the couple’s excitement was on cloud nine. Both accompanied him to the ceremony, and as he stepped onto the podium to receive his degree, both of them had tears rolling down their cheeks, after all, they had been imagining this particular day since ages, and they clapped endlessly when he threw his graduation cap up in the sky with the rest of the crowd.