We have all been collectors at some point in life. I remember collecting soda bottle caps and old coins that were no longer valid or currency from different countries for that matter. It’s a broad concept, some people like collecting stuff from sports while others have a taste for historic relics and artifacts. Remember how we fancied finding a treasure when we were kids. While these relics are priceless, they are also as rare as you don’t find them while taking a walk in your backyard unless you happen to live in the market town of Bishop’s Stortford. The town is a hub for artifacts and it was one day when a woman discovered something while she was on a hunt for relics that left her jaw drop in surprise. Read this interesting story of how finding a relic led to an unexpected journey.

Relic From The Past

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted something incredible in her backyard. Finding relics on her property was nothing extraordinary but this one caught her attention. What could it be? She questioned herself. While the speculations were still on, she noticed a movement made by the relic. She could feel chills running down her spine. Read the story to find out how this woman discovered the unexpected while digging her backyard in search for relics.

The Historic Town The Historic Town

Bishop’s Stortford is a small market town in England, a place that is still old-fashioned in its appearance and hasn’t changed much with time. The place had a negligible significance in history and was mentioned in the books for once being a Roman settlement. Not after long, a new Saxon Community gained control over the place and the town gained the status of an evacuation center for native Britishers.

Home To Relics

Myriads of relics were discovered in this particular village from time to time. Ancient maps, scriptures, ornaments, utensils, currency and what not, the place was a hub for those who desired to discover and collect such relics and antiques. While finding these lost pieces of history is a rare phenomenon, it was almost a daily thing here in Bishop’s Stortford because of the rich history Britain has had and the benign climate that helped in preserving these artifacts.

A Treasure

It was only a couple of months ago when a team from Archaeological Survey started digging an empty land. They had researched and came to the conclusion that there could be ancient artifacts buried under the land. It only took them minutes and they found coins, brooch, a comb, and some tweezers. All the artifacts were in pristine condition. They also found coin molds with significant historic figures engraved over them which also shows the historical significance of this place. But a woman from this town would soon find something that even the archaeologists couldn’t.

Born And Bred

Born And Bred

Lynne Garner, 49 years of age and a local who’s spent a lifetime in Bishop’s Stortford is a great admirer of nature. She was brought up here in Bishop’s island and was specifically enthusiastic about the countryside. She was compassionate towards animals and mother nature ever since she was a kid. She had grown up playing in farms, riding horses, fetching milk from cattle, a lifestyle she was used to which influenced her to follow a similar path in her life.

Animal Lover

Growing up, she had made a promise to herself that no matter what she would always stay in touch with the town she was raised and born in. She stood by her words and devoted her time in taking care of the animals who lived in the town. She knew every corner and street of this town and had witnessed pretty much everything in life but even her past experiences could’t prepare her for what she bumped into that day.