What is the best thing you can give to someone? Many of you will say money but this couple went above and beyond to help an orphan girl child. What did they do? They made her their family that caused many changes in their lives. It all began with a dream. Nanette Garett saw a dream about a girl named Emily. That mysterious girl was given to her. She woke up but the dream remained with her. She knew it was a sign and so started her search for the girl Emily. The couple already had six children when they started looking for Emily. As they say, where is there is a will there is the way- the couple finally found their Emily in a Ukrainian orphanage. They adopt the girl without giving it second thoughts and bring her to their house. However, all this while the couple was unaware of this little girl’s big secret. Her arrival in the house kickstarted an unprecedented chain of events. Ironically, the couple who thought they were going to change this little girl’s life got their life drastically changed by her.

Large Family

Nanette and Vern Garrett had a large family of eight. The couple parented six adorable children. In today’s world where raising one child comes with a lot of difficulties, looking after six children is unimaginable. However, the family never regretted their decision, in fact, they wanted one more kid. But this time, they were going to opt for adoption. 

A Dream

Nanette explained. “Well, it all started with a dream. I had six children at the time, and I had a dream about a little girl, and she was sitting on my lap. I knew that she was mine. She was about two or three years old in my dream, but it was very distinct.” She was positive that the dream meant something. Her Emily was waiting for her somewhere. 


Nanette and Vern Garrett live in Utah, the U.S. They are known for their loving and giving nature. The couple was highly respected in their neighborhood for their helping nature. Raising a large family comes with its own expense despite that, the couple would never deny help to others. The couple was leading an ordinary life until Nannette saw a dream.

“Good News”

While looking for their dream girl, Nannette got pregnant once again. It was her seventh child. Maybe the little girl she had dreamt of was breathing inside her. They waited till delivery. However, she gave birth to a baby boy. Many months had passed by but her that dream remained etched in her mind. She had to find out that girl.


What more, she even had a name for that girl. The mother of seven reminisced, “Emily was her name, and she was given to me in that dream.” “I just knew that I was going to have a little Emily.” This time they were not going to rest until they find the girl.

Looking For Her

The search began. They reached out to many adoption agencies and one of them was the National Adoption Center of Ukraine. They were shown many photographs but none of them was what they were looking for. They had been feeling something was missing from their life and to fill that void they were adopting the child. However, they had not come across THE ONE until now.