Old House

Claire said, “The house was built in 1900 and had a lovely feel to it and so much character that we felt it would be a sin to level it and start again. So we made the momentous decision to give it a go.” She was very much excited about it.


The couple knew that the house they were willing to buy was going to require lots of effort from them. So yes that was a challenging task for them. But here they were hopeful that the new house they had bought accidentally would be easier to deal with.

Where Is It?

But before that, they had to find their new home. As he had bought it accidentally, they did not know where was it. So, they checked it up on a map to see how far it was from Glasgow. It was really important for them to have their house in the vicinity of Glasgow.

A School

They really wanted a house near the city as Claire was about to start medical school there. Fortunately, Dunoon was not very far from the city. They can stay in that house for some time. Thereafter, they searched on Google Street View for the property named Jameswood Villa. What they found on the internet took their breath away. 

Not What They Thought

It was an old and a bit dilapidated mansion but had something special about it. They could not wait to transform the mansion into a home. No need to say, they had bought the mansion in a cheaper amount. It was an amazing mansion but little did they know there was more to it than met the eyes. 

Not Far

“Neither of us are from Scotland so we had to look up Dunoon on the map and we were both relieved to see it wasn’t that far from Glasgow.” She also added, ‘But our relief turned to despair when Cal pulled up outside the house and saw it for the first time.