For any parent, the news about their child going astray is depressing. None can handle the pain of being separated from their child. The situation is of panic and all they pray is for them to be reunited with their child.

This nightmare turned true for a couple whose 15-year-old boy went missing one day. After looking for him in every possible place, they couldn’t locate him. Things worsened when the police officers too couldn’t find any traces of him. Two years later, the officers come across a picture which further complicated the case. What happened next was enigmatic.

Worried Parents

His parents were worried. Their teenage son was nowhere to be found. They were stressed. All sort of bad thoughts were coming to them. Where could he be? Tears won’t stop rolling down his mother’s eyes. There were no clues that could indicate where he could be.

The Family

Michael and his wife Danielle were the residents of Georgia. They were living a stable and usual life. They both were working and made sure they had time for each other. Life got exciting for them when they were expecting their first child. It was a moment that would mark their togetherness and make their love eternal forever.


When their young baby boy was born, they were over the moon. Their family was complete and they got a new reason to live. All day they would run behind him and look after him. They named this little bundle of happiness as Aubrey Caroll. Who knew that the baby who was Michael and Danielle’s life would soon turn into a reason for their grief.

Easy Childhood

Aubrey had a childhood just like any other child. He went to play school and then primary education began. He was a social being, he enjoyed making friends and would even play with other children of his age. While he faced no difficulties in his growing years, his parents had a challenge right in front of them.

Getting Tough

With a growing child, grew the responsibilities as well. As Aubrey stepped into higher school, his expenses increased. There was a financial burden over the couple’s head. They had to manage his education cost, tuition fees, his pocket money. There was a severe financial crisis which led to an event none had anticipated.

An Argument

One day Michael and Danielle got into an argument regarding the finances. While both of them contributed equally to manage their living, overstressed with the rising expenses, a one-time argument turned into a massive one and a lot of invalid reasons further escalated the already burning fire. What happened next was not very pleasant.