As they say, “till the time there’s at least one person left with goodness in mind, the world will have hopes.” So no doubt civilians have a unique place for soldiers in their hearts. We all know what soldiers undergo and how much strength does it take to choose a military way of living. Not just soldiers but their families and friends live with a constant fear. We all know what these men do for us can never be repaid and that’s what develops this undeniable respect for them. Brave hearts might be gone but their stories and the impact that they leave on this world remains forever.

This story is of whatever you would like to call it, just a coincidence or fate. It’s about a father’s grief, a soldier’s ongoing struggle to recover, a son’s life that ended in the war, all of it came face to face one fine day.

Childhood Dream

This is the story of a boy who dreamt only one dream since childhood; a dream of becoming a sergeant one day. A dream to serve his country. His parents could see that passion in his eyes whenever he talked about military life. They knew one day he’ll take off and they have to let him go. This boy grew up in Somers, New York and studied at Arlington High School. The one moment he has been waiting for came to him with the start of the Iraq conflict.